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[Academic] Announcement regarding taking online courses

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2017-04-26 09:57
Dear all students in SUNY Korea,

The Department of Academic & Student Affairs wants to announce the updated policy on Online Courses.


Policy on Online Courses for SUNY Korea Students

Preamble: The Ministry of Education of the Korean government encourages SUNY Korea to offer traditional face-to-face courses, and discourages the offering of excessive online courses.  As a result, SUNY Korea Academic Affairs manages the offering of online courses to meet the mandate.  The online courses for students at SUNY Korea can be broken into two categories, as follows.
  • Category I — These are the online courses which are organized and offered by SUNY Korea, such as BIO 201 and HA 112. Students can register and take these courses as part of their regular course load at SUNY Korea, and do not pay additional tuition if they are already full-time students.

  • Category II — All other online courses which are not offered by SUNY Korea are considered additional courses outside of the regular SUNY Korea offering. Students who take such online courses are responsible for the relevant tuition and expenses.


Policy and Petition for Approval:
  • There is no limit of credits for SUNY Korea students to take online courses in Category I, offered by SUNY Korea.

  • There is a limit of nine (9) credits for SUNY Korea students to take online courses in Category II. Credits beyond this limit will not be recognized as credential for degree, unless a petition was approved prior to taking such courses.

  • SUNY Korea students must receive the approval of the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs before taking the online courses in Category II, regardless of where such online courses are offered. Students who take online courses beyond the credit limits (in item 2) must petition for approval. Petition typically will not be approved unless students cannot graduate without taking such online courses or are in an emergent situation related to their progress to degrees.

  • Petition to the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs with approval is required when students take online courses as an overload*.

* Overload is defined as taking more than 17 credits (including all on-site and online courses) in a regular semester, or more than 6 credits in summer or winter sessions.


  • April 2017: revised to include the credit limits for online courses not offered by SUNY Korea

  • June 2016: initiation of the policy of online courses delineating tuition responsibility

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a coordinator in the department of Academic & Student Affairs ( or 032-626-1122).

Thank you

Academic Team

Department of Academic & Student Affairs