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History Makers' Night held by SUNY Korea

SUNY Korea Press
2016-12-09 09:08

On December 1, 6pm, ‘History Makers’ Night’, a fundraising event intended to raise scholarship fund for nurturing talents of the future, was held by SUNY Korea. In celebration of its 5th anniversary, the event was organized to give support for students from developing countries. The event successfully progressed with the participation of over 1000 people who have been great supporters of SUNY Korea including distinguished guests such as Dr. Oh Myung, a former deputy prime minister and minister of Science and Technology, and Dong-shik Shin, the CEO of Korea Maritime Consultant Co., Ltd and previously the president's chief of economic, Dr. Hyun-soon Lee, the Vice Chairman of Doosan Group and Young-geun Lee, the director of IFEZ.

Dr. ChoonHo Kim, the president of SUNY Korea, during his remarks, said “The reason why I decided to accept the offer of this president position was to help students find their dreams, which is often neglected by many traditional schools” and went on to say “What SUNY Korea has accomplished so far could not be possible without the love and support lavished by our supports, some of whom are attending tonight’s event.” Composed of 3 parts, the event started off with dinner, followed by students’ performance including singing and dancing along with flag marching ceremony and students’ ‘My Story’ speeches, which delivered heartwarming and enthusiatic moments to the audience.